Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometimes my life is a sitcom..

So while the majority of the time I will be blogging about fun things I find on the internet, me being a bar fly in a college town does present a myriad of funny situations that come up.

Anyways, night before last presented a serious 'FML' situation. I was, along with most of the college-aged town, celebrating Mardi Gras and had quite a few drinks. With about an hour before close I met this very cute girl who was a 9 out of 10 in looks easily. She also was really cool to talk to so instead of trying to go the one night stand route with her, I decided to just get her number so I could maybe actually get to know her.

Anyways, she decided to make the move and asked if I wanted to come over, obviously if the girl is asking you can't say no. So I get her address and she gives me her phone so I can dial in my number.

30 minutes later I drive to her apartment and realize that although I have the address I forgot to get the apartment number, I proceed to call her phone, but she doesn't answer. I wait a few minutes, call back and no answer. Finally, I call back one last time to leave a message along the lines of "hey I understand if you don't want to hook up tonight, but I'd still like to take you out sometime". I head home.

Next morning my friend sends me a chat message on facebook asking him why I had left him a message about hooking up. Then it all made sense...

I had gotten his number a few minutes earlier to get him signed up for a march madness bracket, but forgot about that. Then, when typing my number in the girls phone, I never actually either saved it or called my phone. Thus, there was no way I was getting a hold of her and instead of probably getting laid by a hot chick, a guy thinks I have a gay crush on him.

Summary for those in a hurry:
Meet girl at bar
Forget to get apt number or phone number
Call wrong number
Miss out on girl, person I call thinks I'm gay.


  1. Oh, wow, that is a classic. But look on the bright side, she may not have given you her apartment number intentionally, so you weren't gonna get laid anyway.

  2. I like the tldr; I wish more people did this. I like reading through peoples blogs, but I can't read everyone's essays all night long.

    Good story, unfortunate as hell, but a good one!

  3. Great story...

    ... Your life is sitcom.

  4. what a story :D sitcome :D:D

  5. Oh shit! To think that the girl was probably lying in bed in her panties wondering when are you going to show up! Anyways, following your blog for more stories like this

  6. hahaha wow. that blows... that'll teach you for next time

  7. LOL! That'll show ya not to lose the number =)

  8. haha i know exactly how u feel! i make to sure to check you in the morning, nice blog man

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  10. hahahaha omfg owned so bad.

    At least you still have your self esteem in knowing a 9/10 dug you. That's already way more than I have lol