Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carbon Scrubbing Artifical Trees That Look Cool?

The great thing about design students is they usually have plenty of time and plenty of drugs, both of which were probably employed in the creation of this. The picture is of artificial trees that scrub out CO2, much the same way regular trees do.

The other cool thing is that the trees are made out of recycled plastic bottles.

However, aside from the fact that they light up at night, why not just plant a regular damn tree instead?

Story credited to zeitnews


  1. I think lighting up at night is the entire reason behind their choice of artificial trees. The neon looks awesome, I could stare at it forever. Interesting find.

  2. thats cool, but does it provide oxygen?

  3. i was just about to say the same thing as ed but they sure look nice, wish we had those in toronto

  4. Somebody watched Avatar too many times...

  5. That's pretty cool looking!

  6. That's so cool. I want one!